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City of Richmond’s 2023-2031 Housing Element Certified - Press Release

For Immediate Release: Friday October 5, 2023

Contact: Planning Department, 510-620-6706 or

City of Richmond’s 2023-2031 Housing Element Certified by California Department of Housing and Community Development

RICHMOND, CA - The City of Richmond proudly announces that its 2023-2031 (“6th Cycle”) Housing Element has achieved certification from the California Department of Housing and Community Development. This marks the city’s substantial compliance with the State Housing Element Law (Gov. Code, & 65580 et seq). The milestone was officially recognized on October 2, 2023, following the Housing Element’s adoption by the City Council on January 23, 2023.

Integral to the City’s General Plan, the Housing Element delineates policies and initiatives to address housing requirements for both present and prospective residents of Richmond. Every California city and county are mandated by state law to renew their Housing Element every eight years. The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is tasked with assessing and verifying if each jurisdiction's Housing Element adheres to the State Housing Element Law. For the 2023-2031 planning period, Richmond’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation has been set at 3,614 units, wherein 36% should cater to individuals earning 80% or below the area median income.

The recent Housing Element is the culmination of almost two years of dedicated work. It encapsulates policies and strategies designed to foster new housing developments; mitigate building constraints; bolster affordable housing development and conservation; assure fair housing accessibility and opportunities; and mitigate homelessness.

Richmond Mayor Eduardo Martinez commented, “The City of Richmond’s Housing Element stands testament to our unwavering resolve to promote fair housing, spur economic growth, and diversify housing options for our community members today and tomorrow.”

With the Housing Element now certified, Richmond qualifies to tap into federal, state, and regional financial resources, otherwise inaccessible to cities lacking an updated Housing Element. These added resources will empower the City to actualize the dream of a just, secure, and resilient Richmond.

Gratitude is extended to the Richmond community members for their invaluable participation. “The certification would have remained elusive without contributions from our non-profit/community-based organization allies, housing constructors, community leaders, Planning Commission, and City Council,” the City noted. The formulation of the City’s 6th Cycle Housing Element was made possible with the expertise of Lisa Wise Consulting Inc. and Just Cities LLC.

Richmond City Manager, Shasa Curl, added, “The City of Richmond remains committed to forging partnerships with the community as we embark on this eight-year plan. Our goal is clear: to ensure every Richmond inhabitant enjoys a stable and healthy living environment.”


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